About The Atari Portfolio/dip Pocket PC

Picture Of Dip Pocket PC

DIP designed the world's first IBM compatible pocket computer, the Pocket PC, sold under license by Atari as the Portfolio. Ideal for improving personal productivity it is a cost-effective solution for those needing the portability of a pocket computer.

It is extremely versatile and there is a comprehensive range of third party software packages for sales forces, engineers, solicitors, financial consultants and other mobile professionals. A wide range of hardware peripherals is also available.

The Pocket PC weighs less than one pound, is the size of a video cassette and, in typical use, runs for over six weeks on a set of batteries.


80C88, 4.9152 MHz Clock Speed
Memory 128KB internal RAM
Includes internal configurable RAM disk (C:)
256KB ROM contains applications software
Length 200 mm
Width 100 mm
Depth 28 mm
Weighs less than 1lb (454g) excluding batteries
High contrast Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
240 x 64 graphics screen or 40 characters X 8 lines
Monochrome (MDA) emulation
Keyboard 63 keys, QWERTY layout
Hot-key access to built-in applications
Memory card slot with optional PCMCIA adaptor
60-pin expansion BUS for optional peripherals
Built-in speaker with tone dialling (DTMF)
3 x AA size removable alkaline batteries
Memory preserved during battery changes
Optional AC mains adaptor


DIP DOS 2.11 (MS-DOS & PC BIOS compatible)
Software runs from ROM, leaving RAM free
Text Processor
Comprehensive, easy to use text and memo editor
Wordwrap, line and column count, search 8 replace
Handles printer and word processor control codes
Address And Phone Book
Card index with phone list and detailed records
Automatic tone dialling of telephone numbers
Entries are sorted and can be selected by category
Accommodates spreadsheet of 255 rows x 127 cols
Reads and writes Lotus 1-2-3 files (.WKS)
Built-in 1-2-3 functions eg @SUM, @IF, @NPV
Time Manager
Comprehensive calendar and diary to the year 2049
Wake-up alarms even when the Pocket PC is off
Entries can be repeated each day/week/month/year