Portfolio Applications

Screen Shot File Name Size In Bytes Description
  adcalc.zip 33024 Demo Of Advertising Rates Calculator
  adr_bk.zip 71303 Powerful Database Based On .ADR Files
  adr_bo.zip 78138 Powerful Database Based On .ADR Files Ver 1.1
  blpm21.zip 37727 Big Little Print Machine File Viewer (Ver 2.1)
  cbase.zip 21072 Small Data Collection Tool For PF
  db.zip 10482 Database Program (Small But Good)
  drytim.zip 5495 Store Time Spent On Tasks In Diary
  editor.zip 19631 Full Screen Text Editor
  esie.zip 98612 Expert Systems Interface
  grafio.zip 8052 Bar Graphs For The Portfolio
  loan.zip 9961 Loan Calculator
  olne315.zip 49618 PC Outliner Version 3.15
  outlin.zip 10843 Demonstation Of Portfolio Outliner Program
  pc.zip 8846 Portfolio Programmers Calculator
  pcal21.zip 45824 Portfolio Diary For Windows Version 2.1
  pcrd11.zip 33152 Portfolio Cardfile For Windows Version 1.01
  pcrd20.zip 37504 Portfolio Cardfile For Windows Version 2.0
  pf11.zip 12244 Portfolio File Manager Version 1.1
  pged12.zip 71168 PGEDIT 1.2, Allows Editing Of .PGC/.PGF Files
  pim.zip 56297 Personal Information Manager
  plotto.zip 33912 Lottery Program
  qedit.zip 113217 QEdit 2.08 Text Editor
  sched.zip 22330 College Class Scheduler Version 2.4 (Includes Source)
  sl-out.zip 11648 Todo List/Outliner
  spell1.zip 28576 MS-DOS Spell Checker (Includes Source)
  spellp.zip 77910 ASCII File Spell Checker
  timb11.zip 36480 MS Access Database For Importing TRS Files
  tmw.zip 18210 Appointment Displayer
  tmw20.zip 21829 Appointment Displayer (Version 2)
  trackr.zip 22472 Track Car Fuel Costs
  travtrac.zip 38075 Expense Manager (Max 20 Items Per File)
  trs.zip 21373 Time Recording System (Version 1.0)
  tw12.zip 24412 Travel Ware 1.2 Expense Manager