Portfolio Demonstration Files

Screen Shot File Name Size In Bytes Description
  animat.zip 15232 Four .PGX Aniamtions
  autos.zip 6993 Various Motor Car Emblems
  b-icon.zip 1162 Bouncing Faces Demo (Very Good)
  bday.zip 3221 Flashing Happy Birthday Message
  clockw.zip 19144 Simple Graphics Demonstration For Portfolio
  demo.zip 5039 Simple Portfolio Demo
  design.zip 7808 Kaleadoscope Style Demo Program
  f1-demo.zip 14990 Demo Of Forthcoming Racing Car Game
  horn.zip 1953 Plays The Sailors Hornpike Tune
  icon.zip 2396 Demo Of Possible Icons For Portfolio
  lips.zip 7211 Animation Of Someone Licking Their Lips
  marathon.zip 9938 Demo Announcing The Launch Of The PF Marathon
  pdemo.zip 5794 Demo Of Portfolio Capabilities
  pf-demo.zip 6367 Demo Of Portfolio Capabilities
  pf60bt10.zip 10540 Demo Of 60x10 Character Display Font
  pin.zip 387 ATM Machine Cracking Program Used In T2
  port3d.zip 12626 Spinning 3D Cube Demo
  port_art.zip 11447 Spinning Line Demo
  secure.zip 4224 Security Breach Demo
  stonehng.zip 11672 Picture Of Stone Henge With Moving Sky
  vanoce.zip 21754 Play Various Christmas Carols
  wator.zip 14238 Sharks And Fish Fight (Includes Pascal Source)
  wtrvl.zip 10624 Spinning World Demo
  xxx.zip 3712 Graphics Demo
  yankee.zip 10040 Sing Along With Yankee-Doodle-Dandee